Wednesday, May 2, 2018


As artists we often find ourselves reflecting. Reflecting on the day, a moment, a conversation, a time period, etc. Over the last year I have made a couple of "reflection" pieces. My work continues to be about internal dialogue and the processing of external experiences, but often that comes through the form of a reflection. Just today as I was driving to the grocery story to get dinner ingredients I thought of how I wish I had more time for purposeful reflection.  In this moment I would like to reflect on a few highlights of the last year...

As this academic year draws to a close, I am reflecting on the professional experiences of the last year  (academic year) that have had great impact.

May 2017
Artist Residency at C.R.E.T.A. Rome:This experience was amazing!! I had the best time working and exploring within my work new forms and ideas while in the beautiful setting of the Roman countryside. It was a four week residency that concluded with an exhibition. One of the best parts about this experience was being able to bring my family along for it.

C.R.E.T.A. Rome Exhibition:


June- August 2017
Taught Summer Intensive Visual Arts MFA courses, and became the Director of the program. The position of becoming the Director of the VAMFA program is something that has taken some growing into. It is stressful and challenging and rewarding. The best part is getting to know the students outside of class roles and being an advocate for them.

August 2017
Co-led a study abroad course to Iceland. What an incredible experience. We had 17 students (13 incoming freshman and 4 Junior/ Senior mentors). Iceland is the perfect place for exportation, sight-seeing, and bonding (for students).  It is safe and beautiful and full of wonder!

October 2018
Applied for Tenure 😌

January 2018
Exhibition and Gallery Lecture at 621 Gallery in Tallahassee, FL. This was a fun exhibition. The space is beautiful and well attended. 621 Gallery had the best group of artists and art enthusiast running this space.


February - March 2018
Gallery Exhibition at Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, AL. This was space was really cool and funky. The opening was very well attended, and full of compliments. This exhibition and the exhibition at 621 Gallery were 2 person shows with a dear art friend of mine Kathryn Wiggins. Kathryn and I met when a gallery in Jackson, MS paired us together. We loved our work together so much we decided to co-apply for exhibitions. What a fun experience watching our work grow over the past 2 years together.

March 2018
This year at NCECA I had pleasure of both presenting and exhibiting. The presentation was a brief presentation titled Collections and Balance: Figuring Out This Life One Body of Work at a Time. The presentation coved the navigation of transitions within a body of work and the reflection of life events in that transition.
The exhibition titled Alt-White: A Tounge and Cheek Search for Trump's China was a group exhibition commenting on today's political climate.